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Classy American Ironhorse Motorcycles deserve Classy Women ( and their Significant Others! ) Many magazines think a sexy girl is the same as a sexy lady. Not really. Their “pitch” is, as they say, “Sex Sells”. American Ironhorse Motorcycles exude class, so we will not cheapen the look. Our travels will follow a much classier road. A favorite movie enjoyed both by men and women is "Pretty Woman". Sure there are storyline issues, but there is nothing undeniable about this attractive street walker becoming classy. No? Think back to the scene after Julia Roberts finally got her dress, had her hair done, and sat at the bar awaiting Richard Gere. Remember her crossed-leg pose as you realized this very down to earth “Pretty Woman” was becoming a lady with class? Sure we understand it was Hollywood - but come on now, didn't you get ramped up, cheer her on, and secretly wish it was going to be you with her? You know you did!! So here's the idea: we are actively seeking photos of your bikes with ladies dressed in evening attire (with or without their significant others). Just remember We want CLASS! Given Holidays, Parties and New Years Eve are always upon us - you may be getting dressed up for a party or evening out. Grab a camera and take some pictures next to your bike! Springtime wedding? Do the same! Let's show the world the classy women (and their men, family, friends, etc. in their lives) alongside our classy bikes! Friday, December 7, 2012 we featured pictures of one of our own lady American Ironhorse owners where you got to see Donna and her very own Texas Chopper. You may remember we previously had a Bike of the Week layout featuring Claire’s “Razzi” Outlaw but unfortunately we do not have any pictures of Claire ... maybe in evening wear Claire? We hoped we'd see Donna again as she hinted at having evening attire; so we are very pleased Donna became our first “Classy Woman” portrayed in our new Gallery and we hope will help convince others to join in, have fun, and do the same! Remember - take pictures over the holidays. Guys - now is the time to have your woman photographed with your AIH (with or without you!) Remember - it’s about classy women as they are just as beautiful as your American Ironhorse!
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