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Servicing American IronHorse, Big Dog, etc. •	We will solve your AIH Electrical Problems using OEM Diagnostic Equipment •	Gypsy can replace most OEM electrical components ... or ... •	Gypsy can remove OEM parts & simplify wiring & electrical components for a less problematic motorcycle. •	Gypsy is an Authorized S&S Dealer and Repair Center and can do all motor work which is performed by AMI Certified Motorcycle Mechanics. GYPSY CYCLES
Welcome to the American Ironhorse Owners Organization This website is for all who own and ride American Ironhorse Motorcycles. You have found the most progressive AIH website with the most advanced collection of technical information, most owners with “tribal knowledge”, American Ironhorse Suppliers, and trusted Repair Centers. This is not a “dead” site - we are here, we are very “active”, and we are moving forward!
PLEASE READ THIS! This website is just a few Days Away From PULLING THE PLUG. You can chat about this topic here: Click:   Q1: What happened to all of the Owners Manuals, Parts Manuals, Service Manuals,  Schematics, Technical Articles, Parts Info, etc.  Gone? A1: “REMOVED!” Q2:  Why? A2: “QUID PRO QUO”. Q3:  What’s that mean? A3:  “Google it.  This website exits because VOLUNTEERS gave THEIR time to help YOU!  It is absolutely frustrating when people submit articles, tech info, etc. published to help YOU... then when we need you, and have repeatedly asked for your help, you won’t help us.” Q4:  One sided? A4:  “YES.  A true brotherhood / sisterhood exists when we all help each other ... Quid pro quo.” Q5:  OK. Got it. How does this get fixed? A5:  “Help promote readership which in turn promotes advertising.” Q6:  What can I do? A6:    “Send in 4 to 6 pictures of your AIH as Bike of the Week... or     Send in pictures and words about a modification, you made... or   Send in pictures and words on how you repaired something... or   Write a Guest or Monthly article.” Q7. Why should I care about advertising or readership? A7. “Economics. You aren’t paying a subcription - who pays our bills? Would you rather pay a membership fee? No one would. Do you want lots of pop up ads that appear whenever you navigate? Spam? Email ads that drive you nuts? We do NOT do this!” What’s next? In the next very few days we need a lot of people to send us 4 to 6 pix of their IronHorse for “Bike of the Week” otherwise we have to call it quits. Thank you to those who have contributed and helped us be here. STATISTICS - Of 1475 members just 6.4%, or 94 members, sent in Bike of the Week pix. Email: 
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